Once you have been approved for your new flex lease, you will be asked to upload your new insurance information before checking out.


Is insurance covered in my Flex subscription?

Insurance is not covered in your Flex subscription. You will need to secure your own insurance from an outside provider to cover the requirements for driving in your state


Do I need to get car insurance?

Yes, state law requires that you carry liability coverage. Additionally, your Flex Agreement requires you to carry any state-mandated coverage and also to be covered for damage to or loss of your Flex car.


What kind of insurance do I need?

Flex requires full comprehensive and collision insurance on all cars before pickup, and you’ll need to add your Flex car to any existing policy within 7 days of signing your Flex contract. You can upload proof of insurance directly into the Flex document upload section. We also suggest that you ask your insurance agent to email proof of insurance to [email protected].


Flex requires the following insurance limits:

Bodily injury liability insurance with at least the minimum limits as required by law Property damage liability insurance of at least the minimum coverage as required by law Collision and comprehensive coverage for your Flex car’s full value (maximum deductible of $1,000) Uninsured motorist coverage as required by law.


Your insurance policy should reflect the following information:

Loss Payee / Additional Insured: Flex Leasing 1720 W Rio Salado Pkwy Tempe, AZ 85281 Florida residents must add their Flex car to their insurance policy before taking possession of the car. Proof of insurance on the Flex car must be presented at the time of delivery, or else you may be refused delivery of the car.  


Where should I get third-party insurance?

You can use the provider of your choice as long as the company is a licensed insurance agency in your state. Also, be sure that your insurance policy covers the minimums required by the state in which your Flex car is registered. Additionally, per your Flex Agreement, the third-party insurance policy must have comprehensive and collision coverage for the Flex car’s full value (maximum deductible of $1,000).


What information will a third-party insurance company need to give me a quote?

This depends on the insurance company you are working with, but the information that will likely be needed includes the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), your legal name, garage address, and phone number. The insurance company may require additional information.


When do I need to provide insurance?

You’ll need to provide your insurance information once you have signed your new Flex lease documents. When you take delivery of your Flex car or pick it up at the dealership, you’ll be required to show proof of insurance that is in your name and issued for your specific state.


Failure to properly insure the car while it’s in your possession is a breach of your contract with Flex and may result in termination of your contract and demand for the immediate return of the car to Flex. How do I add or change my third-party insurance information?

You’ll be able to add or change your insurance information in the Flex member portal by navigating to the Insurance and Documents page under Manage Car from the Main Menu. You must maintain proper insurance on the Flex car the entire time you have it in your possession, so please make sure that there is not a lapse in coverage when you switch to your new provider.