I’m being asked to submit additional documents for approval. What do I need to send?

Flex often requires additional documents to be submitted to confirm your identity and eligibility to get a Flex car as part of the application process. Flex also requires other documentation any time a customer changes their address or name. Please identify which documents you are being asked to submit, and follow the directions accordingly to ensure that we can quickly help you through the process.


All documents can be submitted to: [email protected]


Tips for Submitting Documents Take clear photos with all corners included in the picture Documents should be of the full image or document. No folded documents, preview images, or thumbnails Unclear or illegible documents will not be accepted and could delay your approval process. Please confirm all documents are clear and legible before submission Documents submitted should match the customer’s reported information (name, date of birth, verifiable residential address, etc.) Would you please redact your account number on any bank, loan, or credit statements 


I’m being asked for Proof of Residence:

If you signed up using a business address or P.O. Box, we’ll need to update or change your address to your current home address. Or, if you moved recently, please upload a photo of one of the documents listed below to confirm your legal name and current residential address.


Accepted forms of Proof of Residence:

Utility bill (not a cell phone bill) Energy-Water Trash Sewer Gas Residential lease agreement Mortgage agreement Rental insurance agreement Pay stub Bank, loan or credit statement with detailed transactions Please ensure all address documents supplied are no older than 90 days (with the exception of a current lease agreement) and include your full name and current physical address. The full document (including all pages) should be uploaded with all edges visible. 


I’m being asked for Proof of Income:

Accepted forms of Proof of Income: 12 most recent pay stubs 12 months of personal bank statements with detailed transactions (if direct deposit from employer) In you’re self-employed, 3 invoices representing 2 months of income Personal federal tax returns from the most recent 2 years listing adjusted gross income 2 most recent years of form W-2 listing adjusted gross income Employee letter listing dates of employment and contact information 


I’m being asked for Proof of Identity: 

Accepted forms of Proof of Identity: Social security card U.S. Passport U.S. visa ITIN issuance letter 


I’m being asked to resubmit my Driver’s License: 

Accepted forms of Driver’s License: Front & back photo of a valid, permanent driver’s license issued in the U.S. At this time, we cannot accept an identification card, temporary license, learner’s permit, or overseas license.


How long will it take for Proof of Income, Proof of Identity, Proof of Residence, or other Account Assistance documents to be reviewed?

We’re here to help get you through the document review process as quickly as we can. The review process typically takes no longer than 3 business days. If you don’t hear back from our Accounts team within that time: Verify your email address Check your email and spam folder for messages from Flex If you are still unable to locate our response, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].