To get a Flex car, you must: Live in the continental united states Be over the age of 18 Have a permanent U.S. driver’s license Get personalized pricing via a soft credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score Get final approval via a hard credit check upon reserving your car


Do I need a permanent driver’s license, or can I use a temporary one?

To use Flex, you must have a permanent, valid, driver’s license issued in the U.S. or in a U.S. territory. We do not accept learner’s permits, temporary licenses or foreign licenses at this time.


Do you run a credit check?

Yes. After you create an account in Flex, we run an ID verification and soft credit check to determine your eligibility to drive with Flex and provide you with personalized pricing. This soft check won’t affect your credit score but may appear on your credit report. Once you’re ready to order a car, we’ll run a hard credit check that will be reflected on your credit report.


How do you determine my monthly payment amount?

After you scan your driver’s license in the members area and tap Add Driver’s License, Flex runs a soft credit check that provides us with the necessary information to pre-qualify you and provide your personalized pricing as you shop. While your credit score helps us determine your personalized payment amount, we do take into account other factors, including your ability to pay. If you feel that there is an error in the details you were provided through the Learn More button, please contact us. However, outside of a bug on our end, you will need to contact the reporting credit bureau directly to resolve discrepancies.


Does having a credit freeze in place impact my ability to get pre-qualified?


If you have applied a credit freeze with one or more of the credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, or Experian), you may receive a message in the Flex that we are unable to pre-qualify you because no credit information was detected in our system. To get personalized pricing, contact the credit bureaus to have the credit freeze lifted so you can try again. This process can sometimes take up to 3 days to clear in our system. If you intend to get a Flex car, please keep in mind that a hard credit check is needed prior to finalizing your contract, so please ensure that your freeze is lifted throughout the duration of your shopping experience. If your credit freeze is lifted and you are still having issues getting pre-qualified, please contact Customer Care in the Support center in your Flex members area, fill out our credit freeze lift notification form, or email [email protected] for more assistance.


Can someone co-sign for me if I don’t qualify?

Not at this time. Also, please note that the only person allowed to pick up or accept delivery of your Flex car is someone with an ID that matches the name we have on file. To learn more about submitting documents to Flex, please visit our Submitting Documents page.


I’m pre-qualified, but I don’t see all the cars. What’s going on?

Our selection of cars is constantly changing based on location and a variety of other factors. However, you should see all cars that are available within your personalized monthly payment amount.


I submitted my application with the wrong address. What should I do?

If you submitted the wrong address on your application and it resulted in a rejected eligibility status, please contact Customer Care in the Support center in your Flex members area or email [email protected] for more assistance. You may need to submit new proof-of-residency documentation. To learn more about how to submit documents, please visit the Submitting Documents page.


How can I change my email address or phone number?

If you do not currently have an active Flex subscription, simply log out of the Flex members area and start over with your preferred contact method. This will create a fresh account with your new contact information. If you are currently in an active Flex lease, you will need to contact Customer Care to change account details.


Oops! I entered the wrong name on my account. What should I do?

If you entered a variation of your name that does not match your full legal name, or made a typo while entering, please contact Customer Care in the Flex members area or by emailing [email protected]. You may still be able to view personalized pricing on cars, but you will need to correct your name prior to checking out.


I have a specific shopping-related question that is not answered here. Who should I ask?

If you have a specific question about Flex – or our shopping, approval or ordering process – we are here to help! Just click here for information on how to reach a Flex shopping specialist to assist you through the process. You can also check out our related FAQs for more information:


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