First off, we hope you’re OK! Also, please contact the police or medical personnel immediately if it’s warranted. Follow the steps below to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider. Please note that in the event of an accident, any repair cost that is not covered by your insurance policy (i.e. the deductible) is passed on to Flex from your insurance provider and will be added to your payment balance in the Flex app once the claim is resolved. Filing a Claim Third Party Insurance Provider Contact your Third Party Insurance Provider directly for assistance or to file a claim Flex Insurance Submit your claim by clicking here to fill out your First Notice of Loss form In the event of a total loss, please get in touch with us immediately by clicking here to fill out your First Notice of Loss form with supporting cost and documentation that shows your odometer and date of loss Your insurance adjuster will likely reach out to you to ask some questions and take your statement to understand what happened in the accident. Your insurance provider will then complete an appraisal of the car to determine how much the car is worth so they can issue payment to Flex. After the settlement is processed and sent to Flex, your car will get returned in our system and backdated to the day of the accident. Please note that you are responsible to pay for any deductible.


I’ve filed a claim, what do I do now?

If you have third-party insurance: Please contact your insurance provider directly for assistance or to follow up on a claim. Once you have a claim number, please email your account number, claim number and any details of the accident to [email protected]. For updates on your claim, you’ll need to follow up directly with your insurance provider as Flex does not have visibility into claims filed with outside insurers. While we will not be able to assist in the resolution of the claim, we ask that you keep us updated on the progress of your claim by emailing [email protected]. Select Manage Car in the Main Menu Select Insurance and Documents


I believe my Flex car has been stolen. What should I do?

If you believe your car may have been stolen, you may first want to check with your local police department or impound yards to see if your car may have been towed for any reason. Otherwise, you will need to file a report with your local police department before filing a claim with your insurance provider. Once you’ve filed a police report, please email us at [email protected] with your account number, a brief note explaining that your car has been stolen, the date it was stolen, the name of the police agency you reported your car theft to, and a copy of the police report, including police report number. I have a pending insurance claim on my car or my car is damaged. What should I do? If there is damage to your car that is not repaired prior to its return, you may be assessed excess wear & tear fees, in accordance with your Flex Agreement. If you have a pending insurance claim, it is advised that you resolve the claim prior to returning your car. For more information on how to follow up with a claim, please see this section above. For more information on adding or changing third-party insurance in the Flex members area or general insurance requirements, click here.