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Flex uses Experian Credit ID Card Verification services to confirm your identity. You will be charged a one-time credit application reservation fee of $30.00 Flex requires our lease applicants to have a valid payment card to hold their new vehicle. If you do qualify for a Flex lease, you will have five days to complete your leasing application. Please note that we will still require a copy of your current license and insurance before signing your final lease contract. You can learn more by reading the terms and conditions regarding your new Flex lease below.

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The Experian service allows FLEX to run a soft credit check for pre-qualification purposes for your new Flex Lease. FLEX uses customers’ credit or debit card accounts to confirm identity and run a FLEX credit “Soft Pull”l that does not require an SSN and does not affect a consumer’s credit. Should a decision to take any adverse action against you be made, based either in whole or in part on the credit report, you should know that the consumer or credit reporting agency that provided the information has played no role in the decision to take action. FLEX uses its credit risk model to decide whether or not a consumer qualifies for a FLEX lease and what amount will be required for monthly payments. The monthly payments displayed are based on FLEX’s A-tier credit model.